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The DTC Stack: Platforms Used by Top Consumer Brands

What tools do the top brands in direct-to-consumer advertising use for digital marketing and e-commerce? We’ve chatted with hundreds of people at brands, agencies, and SaaS platforms and researched hundreds of websites to find the top tools used for DTC marketing. This list is not exhaustive, so be sure to check for updates!

Advertising Creative:

Atria: Atria is the first AI platform for ad creation workflows. Inspiration, research, ideation — all in one place.

Billo: As the #1 UGC marketplace for video ads, Billo empowers marketers with made-to-order content for effortless marketing expansion.

Cohley: Collaborating with creators, Cohley enables brands to generate high-quality photos, videos, and product reviews tailored for various marketing channels.

Creatify AI: Simplifying ad creation with AI, Creatify AI allows users to craft engaging video ads effortlessly.

Creative Milkshake: We help brands and agencies grow with performance-focused creatives.

Design Pickle: Offering flat-rate design output, Design Pickle provides marketers with efficient, quality design solutions on demand.

ForePlay: Save ads, build briefs and produce high-converting Facebook & TikTok ads at scale, without compromising quality.

Genus AI: With automated creative production and ad performance analysis, Genus AI saves time and boosts campaign results.

Go Tolstoy: Tolstoy's video commerce platform is a game-changer for brands, enhancing sales and customer reach.

Jasper: Serving as an AI copilot for marketing teams, Jasper focuses on driving better outcomes through AI-driven insights.

Konstant Kreative: Offers quality ad designs with fast turnarounds at low costs.

Magicx: Electrify your ad ROI with creative, automation and AI optimization.

Pistachio: Connecting brands with creators to generate content that scales

Sleepless: A 24/7 crew of designers, animators and video editors right in Slack.

Social Savannah: A Meta & TikTok Ad Creative Expert. She works directly with the top eCommerce brands to give them top-tier ad creatives on a weekly basis.

VideoWise: End-to-end video infrastructure for brands & retailers, designed for scale and peak commerce performance.

Influencer Management:

Gatsby: Simplify UGC Tracking, Follower Growth, and Ambassador Programs.

Grin: GRIN is the world’s first creator management platform, turning brands into household names through the power of authentic content creator relationships.

Insense: Insense is the #1 influencer marketing platform for brands to scale paid social campaigns through user generated content & whitelisted ads.

Social Snowball: Automates affiliate & referral programs drive millions in revenue for over 1,000 leading brands

Attribution Software:

Attribution: Understanding the true impact of marketing touchpoints, Attribution provides powerful insights to boost ROI.

Elevar: Ensuring accurate conversion tracking, Elevar delivers data to various marketing channels for optimized performance.

Fairing: Trusted by DTC brands, Fairing's attribution surveys help navigate and optimize marketing spend strategically.

NorthBeam: Leveraging first-party data and machine learning, NorthBeam offers actionable insights into customer buying behavior.

Popsixle: Improving audience targeting and conversion tracking, Popsixle enhances revenue growth through better data management.

Sirge: Helping businesses make informed marketing decisions, Sirge drives growth and efficiency in marketing campaigns.

TripleWhale: Specializing in data analysis for e-commerce brands, TripleWhale assists in making timely and informed decisions.

Chat Support:

Gorgias: Offer retention-worthy support with the AI-fueled customer service solution for Shopify stores.

Intercom: With AI-powered live chat software, Intercom delivers faster support to enhance customer experiences.

ManyChat: Driving sales and conversions through automation, ManyChat offers robust messaging solutions across multiple platforms.

Simplr: Providing fully-managed conversational bots, Simplr enhances customer experiences while improving efficiency.

Support Ninja: Offering agile outsourcing solutions, Support Ninja enables seamless scaling of customer support teams.

Zendesk: Unlocking the power of customer experiences, Zendesk helps build lasting relationships through comprehensive customer service solutions.

Conversion Rate Optimization:

ConvertCart: Specializing in growing conversion rates and lifecycle marketing, ConvertCart helps e-commerce companies optimize their performance.

Instant: Explore Instant today to start building high-converting landing pages and sections, no-code required.

Oddit: Provides simple, to-the-point CRO audits for e-commerce brands wanting to optimize their conversion rate & strengthen brand loyalty.

Replo: Offering ultra-customizable pages for e-commerce teams, Replo simplifies Shopify without the need for extensive development time.

Shogun: Providing optimization, personalization, and visual merchandising tools, Shogun creates optimized shopping experiences to drive conversions.

Unbounce: With AI-powered landing page creation and optimization, Unbounce helps build higher-converting campaigns for scalable marketing.

Page Deck: High-converting landing pages without the headache

Customer Data:

Braze: We put all your data, all your channels, and all the power of AI on one platform, so you can put your most engaging customer experiences out into the world. Here’s how we help you do it.

Loyalty Lion: LoyaltyLion is a data-driven loyalty and engagement platform that powers ecommerce growth. Unlock real insights to build a better understanding of what drives longer-lasting customer relationships, and use those insights to connect and accelerate your existing marketing efforts. Proven to increase retention and spend, LoyaltyLion is trusted by thousands of fast-growth ecommerce merchants worldwide.

Nosto: Enriching and activating customer, product, and content data, Nosto personalizes shopping experiences to increase online revenue.

Okendo: Cultivating brand advocacy and maximizing lifetime value, Okendo helps Shopify merchants grow faster and more efficiently.

Peel: Trusted by Shopify brands, Peel offers analytics software to answer tough LTV questions, empowering data-driven decision-making.

Proxima AI: Leveraging machine learning and predictive data intelligence, Proxima AI drives incremental growth and unlocks critical business insights.

Retention: Using identity resolution software, helps Shopify merchants recover lost shoppers and boost revenue.

RevenueRoll: Identifying bounced users and retargeting via emails and ads, RevenueRoll converts bounces into revenue for e-commerce brands.

Tydo: Offering a complete data warehouse for advanced customer analytics, Tydo provides valuable insights without the need for engineering.

Varos: See how your performance stacks up against your competitors: Compare KPIs anonymously and securely with companies in the same vertical and spend level as yours.

Yotpo: Turn one-time shoppers into customers for life and maximize customer value with Yotpo’s Retention Marketing Platform.

Digital Experience:

Brij: Build customized QR Code-activated digital experiences for each product in seconds with our drag and drop builder.

Fermat: Changes the way of business through content-native shopping platform, allowing brands to drive strong conversions and customer acquisition.

SearchSpring: The #1 Site Search, Merchandising and Personalization Platform Built Exclusively for Ecommerce

TapCart: Build stronger customer relationships with mobile apps


Attentive: The AI marketing platform for leading brands. Maximize performance with hyper-personalized SMS and Email

Klaviyo: Klaviyo™ is a unified customer platform that gives online brands direct ownership of their consumer data and interactions, empowering them to turn transactions with customers into long-term relationships—at scale.

LiveRecover: Use LiveRecover's personalized SMS outreach from real humans to win back customers, all without changing your existing tech stack.

PostScript: SMS marketing platform for ecommerce companies. Helping Shopify stores drive 30x ROI with text message marketing.

Sendlane: Unified email, SMS, reviews and forms for eCommerce


Affirm: Disrupting the financial industry with innovative technology, Affirm brings significant innovation to the world of payments.

AfterPay: Allowing retailers to offer 'buy now, pay later' services without traditional loans, AfterPay drives innovation in payment solutions.

EcoCart: By calculating ecological footprints and enabling offsetting emissions, EcoCart promotes sustainability in e-commerce transactions.

Rebuy: Accelerating revenue growth with personalization engines, Rebuy designs world-class solutions for Shopify store owners.

Recharge: Empowering brands to set up and manage subscriptions seamlessly, Recharge creates dynamic experiences for continuous growth.

Settle: Providing powerful cash flow products for CPG brands; Settle streamlines financial processes for growing consumer brands.


Aument: Implementing the best pricing strategies to maximize profits for DTC brands and retailers.

Fondue: Increasing list growth and revenue with CashBack offers, Fondue improves profit margins for e-commerce businesses.

Inveterate: Redefining loyalty with savvy membership solutions, Inveterate fosters loyalty and drives customer engagement for e-commerce brands.

Product Feed:

Feedonomics: The market leader in product feed management. Send your product data to more channels, synchronize it across more systems, and optimize it for more sales with Feedonomics

Klevu: Join thousands of ecommerce teams achieving up to 8% site-wide and 16% search conversion rates with Klevu AI search, merchandising, and product recommendations.

Matrixify: Matrixify lets you bulk import, export, and update your Shopify store data using Excel and CSV files. If you’re migrating to Shopify from another platform, this app also allows you to easily move all your products, customers, and orders over to Shopify, streamlining the migration process.


Aftership: Empowers eCommerce retailers to create and manage the world’s best online shopping experiences - best known for post-purchase products

Route: Package tracking that extends your customer lifetime value.

ShipBob: Order fulfillment services. Warehousing, packing, shipping, tracking, and returns. 2-day shipping. Custom packaging. Inventory management. Single source of truth across fulfillment centers. Track in real time. Know when to restock. Omnichannel. Integrate with all major ecommerce platforms and marketplaces. Shopify, Amazon, TikTok, and 100+ retailers.


Chargebee: Unlock the full potential of your subscription business with power-packed sessions, network with global experts, and turn your recurring revenue vision into reality.

Loop: Loop is an all-in-one Shopify subscriptions app built on Polaris with an inbuilt gamification feature, fully customizable subscriber portal & bundle builder.

PayWhirl: PayWhirl's intuitive tools make recurring billing easy. Sell subscriptions, pre-orders, payment plans, or whatever billing arrangements you can dream up.

StayAI: Supercharge growth with the next gen subscription app. For Shopify brands that are serious about growth and performance. Designed by and for marketers. Built by world-class engineers and data scientists.


Jebbit: Building engaging quizzes and lead forms, Jebbit connects with audiences across all channels for valuable insights.

Kno: Leveraging pre- and post-purchase survey tools, Kno collects behavioral data to drive stronger ROI and customer insights.

Quiz Kit: Offering a personalized shopper experience through virtual quizzes, Quiz Kit helps businesses effortlessly capture buyer preferences and behaviors.

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